Pomato is a ground breaking recruiting software that uses cognitive systems and machine learning to assist recruiters and hiring managers in making the right hire.

Seed funding has been provided by our parent company, Alltech Consulting Services. The product is currently embedded within a top 5 staffing firm here in the U.S. We are actively seeking our first round of funding. Interested firms should contact us here

A cognitive system may empower lower-skilled workers to perform tasks that were formerly performed by higher-skilled workers. This is an example of the cost strategy at work. A value strategy might employ a system not only to empower lower-skilled workers but also to train them and build their skills. It might also be designed to enhance the performance of even highly skilled workers.

-Deloitte Review Issue 17

Current State

The current state of recruiting technologies has evolved over time in addressing how to source, automate, track, and communicate with applicants. To date, there have been few advancements in the areas of cognitive systems that empower non-technical professionals like recruiters to be effective in identifying and assessing technical talent. This is the genesis of what Pomato is designed to do.

The Problem We Solve

The IT staffing landscape has changed significantly due to the specialization of SDLC (software development life cycle) roles. The explosion of tools and technology has forced IT professionals to not only be specialized, but to also;

  • Become Generalists in some technologies

  • Perform multiple roles within the department

  • Stay abreast of interrelated technologies

  • Maintain knowledge of functional and technical domains

As the rapidly changing landscape evolves, technology will only grow more complex. How can anyone expect recruiting professionals to be proficient at, or even understand those skills and ever changing technologies?

This fundamental problem impacts many aspects of recruiting such as - quality, disconnect between the recruiter and hiring manager, decreased productivity due to huge volumes of resumes that need to be vetted, time spent on each resume which greatly impacts the candidate experience, trust and revenue growth.

Pomato’s assistive intelligence fixes this problem. We help IT recruiters & hiring managers understand and validate their candidate’s technical skills.

The Solution

Pomato is a cognitive system that can understand, analyze, assess and present a snapshot of the candidate’s resume in a way that can be perceived and understood by anyone in staffing, irrespective of their technical capabilities. Pomato also provides capability for the non-technical recruiter to screen and validate the candidate’s skills.

Our machine augmented intelligence was designed for the effective use of technology staffing in supplementing the lack of technical experience.