Management Team

Suresh Parakoti, Founder and CEO

Vision, Leadership, Industry Experience

Mr. Parakoti has over 19 experience in technology consulting & software development. Started as a software developer, progressed into different roles and responsibilities having worked for Fortune 20 and Dotcom companies as software consultant for 9 years. Expertise in complete Software development life cycle in various development methodologies. 

Co-founded and started Alltech Consulting Services (also an investor), a successful IT consulting & staffing firm. 

  • Started from partners basement and grew with headquarters in Princeton, NJ and Regional offices in Charlotte, NC and with new office locations in Jersey City, NJ in 2015
  • Grew employees from 5+ to 200+ (FY 2015)
  • Led the Alltech business by defining strategic direction and offerings, formulating and executing growth plans, managing the company's investments, guiding profitability, overseeing sales, marketing and service delivery
  • Sound business acumen and timely business judgment for pioneering new and innovative solutions that effectively meet consulting industry demands thereby uniquely differentiating Alltech in a competitive market
  • Developed strategic client partnerships and established several Master Services Agreements with Fortune 20 Financial services firms
  • Strategy and Advisory Services Leader for Alltech’s future practices as well as Alltech's Corporate Strategist
  • Responsible for overseeing client service delivery and practice development activities
  • Responsible for executing Alltech's corporate strategy to realize its vision by developing and establishing organization wide initiatives aligned with the vision
  • Innovative leadership bringing a unique blend of strategy and business value coupled with hands-on implementation expertise
  • Successfully steered the firm from Dotcom bust and financial crisis in last decade

Having worked in every role of a staffing firm and seen the staffing industry transformation with emphasis on technology and how technology has transformed the business models, hiring process, problems arising due to information overload, too much information to be processed in a short time, fierce competition and dwindling profit margins for agencies which is significantly affecting the quality of the services provided to themselves and their clients. Where, why and how GAPS exists today. 

Mr. Parakoti holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science from Bangalore University

Shrikanth Hulisandra, CTO

Product Direction, Development Management, Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Mr. Hulisandra has over 17 years’ experience in Software Architecture, Design and Development in building Enterprise scale solutions. Technology leader with vision of creating robust, flexible and enterprise systems but simple to use. Has built enterprise applications for Life Science, Publishing, Banking, Insurance, Education and Retail domains. 

Principal Architect, technology leadership and overall direction of the technology strategy and development. 

  • Solution Design for ‘weighted’ ‘attributes-combination-matching’ based clustering algorithm and implemented the algorithm to build a duplicate-entities-identification engine using java and akka-framework
  • Conceptualized, designed and developed a lot of tools that increased developer productivity and the over-all quality of the DataHub’s services 
  • Led the overall product development Architecture, Design and Development
  • Provide and guide the development of the Artificial Intelligence platform and modularizing the different products / components. 
  • Architect the modularized approach for protecting the Intellectual Property for the product
  • Conceptualize the parallel processing solutions and implementation of cloud infrastructure
  • Led the Architect and implementation of enablement of products as Software as a Service (SaaS) model. 
  • Mentor, Coach, Guide the development teams
  • Building a unique culture of product delivery mindset keeping quality as the utmost priority and Customer experience of using Applications. 
  • Roll up the Sleeves and get onto coding along with the developers.
  • Understanding the end user pain points and building simple but robust and feature rich software applications is his unique capability 

Mr. Hulisandra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Production Engineering from Kuvempu University