Machine Learning and Tech Recruiting: The Perfect Match

A few short years ago, scanning a resume for data was relatively unheard of. Now, scanning, searching and analyzing candidate profiles using tech software is as mainstream as the resume itself. As new pieces come into the mix, the recruiting process becomes smarter, faster and less reliant on human elbow grease.

Machine Learning is disrupting the recruitment process in a powerful surge, and fast. Candidates now are better found, communicated with and matched based on their skills and experience due to machine learning advancements.

Speed of Sound

The candidate experience of today is still far from a great one. 85% of applicants don’t hear back after submitting an application and 71% of employers claim that they can’t find a candidate with the right skill set.

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Job board aggregators and one-click online applications have caused the number of candidates for each job posted to swell leaving HR departments gasping for breaths trying to keep up. Recruiters who don’t adapt and absorb new technologies and advancements will only be bogged down and left behind by newer and smarter solutions.

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“Properly executed, artificial intelligence offers great promise for raising the overall talent level of a company while providing people with more intrinsically motivating and satisfying jobs and careers.” -Lou Adler (@Lou Adler)

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Supercharged Tech Recruiting

Smarter solutions for recruiting doesn’t only have to do with speed. Many higher-level skill positions like tech and dev jobs require specific and illustrious knowledge recruiters can’t always keep up with.

A Java Developer position may require experience in a JEE environment, while a Back-end Web Developer will need experience with Linux operating systems and have comprehensive writing skills in C++, Java, C#, Python and Ruby. How can recruiters keep all of the jargon, languages and requirements straight when they are in charge of 50+ jobs all in different areas of expertise?

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Artificial intelligence takes the guessing out of the game. With customized software for IT recruiting, machines read job postings and CVs, matching the skills to the jobs. Resumes are scanned, analyzed and sorted based on the requirements set by the job posting.

The machine does the hard thinking and heavy lifting so the recruiter can focus on the human aspects of the job like interviewing, reading personality, gauging fit and building relationships.

“The idea is that the artificial intelligence will make you a better recruiter, guiding you through questions that very experienced sourcers ask themselves in order to chop through a database and hone in on who they want.” -Todd Raphael (@Todd Raphael) ERE Media

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Human vs. Machine

As recruiters and candidates become more reliant and comfortable using non-human technology, the speed of tech adoption of these tools will only increase. These types of tools will become more widespread and will become a partner with other recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems and the like.

“The pace of technological advancement has been something of a mixed blessing. The biggest change in recruiting will have almost nothing to do with recruiting – the future of the industry will be largely determined by how candidates adapt (and adopt) to new technology.” - Katrina Kibben (@Katrina Kibben), Recruiting Daily

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Candidate matching engine, Pomato, has been tackling tech recruiting strains since its inception. Using groundbreaking technology, the tool analyzes a resume based on how well a candidate matches your job requirements based on skillsets, roles, and level of expertise, and then ranks all your candidates. At the click of a button, recruiters can get a report on a single candidate or a progress-to-date overview of the entire hire process. Artificial intelligence turns what once used to be a strenuous and time-consuming task into an automated step delivering powerful, precise results.  

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Future is Here

A good recruiter once relied on communication, networking, listening and relationships to succeed at the job. Now, what determines a good recruiter from the alternative, is how well he or she uses the technology required in the game. Smarter candidate matching solutions can help battle against the skills-gap, candidate experience woes and the mountain climb of keeping up with countless resumes. Stay ahead of the game using time-saving tools to aid you in your position-filling quest.

With a click of a button, you’ll have a clear, colorful at-a-glance report of your candidate's skills, experience and profile information. Demo Pomato today or sign up for a free trial below!