20 Things Tech Recruiters Say That Sends Tech Talent Running

Recruiting isn’t the easiest thing, especially when it comes to trying to hire for a niche market like technology and IT. There are many things that may end up sending candidates running for the hills, including saying the wrong thing. Finding the right words is essential to keeping the candidates you really want. And, when a general interview guideline is to spend 80% of your time listening and only 20% talking, what you do say matters even more.   

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Want to ensure you know exactly what to say? Here are a few tech recruiter cliches to avoid:

Not Thinking Outside the Box

  • “Are you ready to change the world?”

  • “We are only looking for the best and brightest.”

  • “Our product is supreme and we are looking for people who can be passionate about it.”

  • “Employers here have to think further than even outside the box.”

  • “We have a tight team and your responsibilities will be great.”

Trying a Little Too Hard

  • “We’re looking for a master designer capable of coding magic!”

  • “Our team is full of the best of the best, do you want to join?”

  • “We offer beer and wine on Fridays, how about that?”

  • “Let’s cut to the chase, what do you make and what do you want?”

  • “Join our team of rockstars, there’s no other option.”


  • “There’s no one else like us out there.”

  • “We’re on so many platforms, no one else can touch us!”

  • “This is a HUGE opportunity!”

  • “If you don’t join us, you’ll be sorry. We’re the best.”

  • “Our product combines all of these elements and it’s SO original!”


  • “Risk is something we thrive on, it makes us victorious!”

  • “What is the true difference between your last few positions?”

  • “We were impressed by your work. Would you be interested in working with us?” (When you already work for their company)

  • “We need someone who has x amount of years of experience in this program.” (the program has only been out for a few years)

  • “Can you give us a response? We need to know if you’re interested or not.”

Some of these may seem a little far-fetched. And, if that’s the case then congratulations! But, you may still be using some form of these without even knowing. Watching what you say to a candidate and potential employee can make all the difference. So, jot down a few and next time an interview comes around, stop yourself from slipping!

Don’t Let These Phrases Slip into Your Job Advertisements Either

Instead opt for keeping it short, sweet, and simple. Get to the point and let them know what you’re looking for. Be sure not to sugar-coat your company, or the position. At the same time, let them know who you really are! Candidates want to know what they are getting themselves into and you can show them by showcasing achievements and that always appealing company culture; especially when that’s what 42% of candidates are really after! Besides, companies with a good company culture have 34% less turnover, so it’s a win-win. 

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Lastly, give clear information. No beating around the bush! Let them know how to apply, what they all need to include, company contact information, and anything else that could be essential to their application process. You won’t attract good talent by keeping them in the dark. And, it won’t help you in gathering information about their skills and assets either, which could be detrimental to your company.