Matching Engine

Pomato’s groundbreaking technology analyzes a resume based on how well a candidate matches your job requirements based on skillsets, roles, and level of expertise, and then ranks all your candidates. You’ll vet only the best!


Skills Profiler

See how your candidate scores in development, design, programming and other critical IT skills with Pomato’s colorful, clear, at-a-glance Skill Profiler reports. Takes seconds. Saves hours.

Visual Profile

With Pomato, a Word doc resume is transformed into a Visual Profile. How well does the candidate’s history match the roles, experience and skills you need? Get a 360-degree view – instantly.


Skills Test

You have your top candidates and it’s time to narrow the list. Pomato generates skills tests and interview questions that precisely match the criteria of your job requirements. 


At the click of a button, get a report on a single candidate or a progress-to-date overview of the entire hire process – just what’s needed to make a hiring manager happy!