9 Thought Provoking Quotes about Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

At Pomato, we believe the future of recruiting certainly includes a place for AI. Our technology acts as a virtual screener to automatically assist recruiters to understand and properly validate technical resumes. Recently a number of articles and blog posts have been written as prognosticators weigh in on how much machine learning will affect the recruitment industry. So we decided to check them out and capture the best quotes and thoughts found in the recruiting blogosphere.

1. “With natural language as an interface having its presence since the beginning of computing, it sounds like a technology that could revolutionize recruitment communications for candidate enquiries. However, if the ‘chatbot’ technology lifts off, there should be a measured adoption to ensure recruitment companies protect the perception of their business in the recruitment sector. It could eliminate today’s demand to simply talk to a human being. The ‘dumb-bot’ revolution will come first, with company’s trials, hiccups and errors, before we see the know-it-all’s take over the recruitment industry.”

-Redline Group Blog

2. “As hiring professionals adopt artificial intelligence, how will recruiting evolve? You'll use AI to get rid of the things that a recruiter does that aren't efficient," like searching through hundreds of resumes...Recruiters won't be used to discover the talent—they'll be deciding if candidates identified by AI are a good fit for the company's corporate culture.”

-CA’s Rewrite blog

3. “The most successful example of that Q&A (chatbot) capability is the U.S. Army’s automated Sgt. Star, who literally “does the work of 55 human recruiters” and has answered over 11 million questions. But despite the track record and powerful capabilities, Q&A chatbots have until now been extremely rare in the corporate world of recruiting. And that’s a huge mistake because they can make an important contribution by instantly, accurately, and inexpensively providing personalized job-related answers to those considering applying for a job.”

-Dr John Sullivan via ERE

4. “Chatbots can have the capability to understand and respond to questions in different languages. And at a global firm that receives questions in multiple languages, you couldn’t afford enough multilingual recruiters to match a chatbots capability. If the Q&A chatbot reaches its limits, you can have the capability of linking the potential applicant directly with a live recruiter.”

-Dr John Sullivan via ERE

5. “The potential of using AI in the recruiting process is best for large companies and could radically alter the hiring process. Despite having a top-notch HR team, any large company can easily get overwhelmed trying to pick the best candidate for an open position. With so much to consider in every applicant, stacking them all up against each other can make for a difficult compare and contrast process. This is where AI arrives to smooth the rough edges.”

-K&K Tech blog

6. “AI Goes Beyond Keywords: most search and discovery solutions can only find candidates that use the same words you use when you write the job description. If you say Marketing Manager, you'll get people who use that term. But you might miss the perfect candidate who happens to have the right skills but a different job title and maybe a less traditional career path. AI uses data clustering techniques to create job clusters so you can identify these alternative skills and titles.”

-Jerry Thurber, Innotrieve

7. “As recruiters continue to hire leavers the machine will learn. It will learn about the inefficiencies in humans hiring humans. It will learn which humans do a good job vs. those that don't. It will monitor all of our digital activities and determine who is engaged and who is not. Who will last and who will not.”

-Peter Gold, HCM Technology Analyst

8. “AI recruiting software will even learn what messaging used by the recruiter yielded the highest response with candidates. It will then automate these behaviors allowing recruiters to spend time on what matters most, relationships and revenue.”

-Leoforce blog

9. “Recruiting is meant to be a people business. When the people in recruiting don’t add value, don’t treat another human being like human beings, when such a large majority of recruiters don’t care or are just clueless, then you’re opening the door to change and disruption.”

-Rob McIntosh, Analyst at ERE.

So there you have it, food for recruiting thought. Schedule a demo to see how Pomato’s A.I. can help you make the right technical hire, faster and better.