Thinking ahead: How Artificial Intelligence May Change Recruiting Forever

A few weeks ago we publish some thought provoking quotes about AI and recruiting. That post got a lot of traction so we wanted to take a deeper dive into what recruiting might look like once machine learning is firmly planted into the ecosystem.


Tools like Entelo already help recruiters to predict when candidates are likely to change jobs. This is a great example of technology that is here now and only going to get better. Predictive analysis is going to be big.

Part of Entelo's features is predictive intelligence

Part of Entelo's features is predictive intelligence

Screening Candidates

Right now recruiters spend hours hunkered over their ATS looking at the daily influx of resumes. At larger firms this has become a near impossible task due to the sheer amount of data coming in. But this too is already happening. Our own software acts as a virtual recruiter by screening and assessing your resumes so you can shortlist those candidates faster with more accuracy.


Testing candidates skills will get easier as machine learning takes over. Pomato is leading this charge. The testing portion of our platform performs over 200,000 calculations on the resume then determines which, and how many questions to further evaluate their skillset.

Testing candidates like this will become more popular as AI systems begin to profile and benchmark the best candidates.


Today we already use facial recognition software to identify people in pictures and video. At some point those same machines will be able to read facial expressions and interpret them. Image having your interview recorded and assessed later by software that reads your body language and expressions and determines how you did. Perhaps it will even detect lying!


Finding people online has never been easier but it's also time consuming and filled with lots of dead ends. Software can and will remove the tasks of building a list of qualified candidates. Imagine starting out your day where a job posting goes live one day and 24 hours later you get an email with a shortlist of candidates most likely to make a move along with their contact info and social links. Oh yes, it's coming!

The matching systems of today still rely heavily on keywords so we expect the science to quickly catch up in the coming years. You can be sure there are already companies working on it.

Job Descriptions

This one may be the most "out there" theory but we think its possible that job descriptions may write themselves one day. There are already some bots that can write articles so it makes sense we can teach them to craft the perfect job ad based on a series of criteria given to them. What do you think?


AI can also help make the employee's first day a good one. First they can automatically collect and store their pre hire paperwork. Then it can act as a virtual HR concierge by answer FAQs and giving the new hire a virtual walk though of their office environment and new colleagues.

Ok, maybe that's a bit futuristic, but we are already seeing the beginnings of artificial intelligence enter the workplace and our home. It's no stretch to imagine it changing recruiting in the near future.